Friday, June 2, 2017


The Feast of Saints
Peter the Exorcist, Marcellinus the priest and Erasmus the bishop.

All Martyred in A.D. 303 under the persecution of Emperor Diocletian.

The Exorcist, Peter, was sent to prison and converted his jailer's entire family to Catholicism, bringing them to the priest Marcellinus who baptized them.
The judge Severus ordered that Peter and Marcellinus appear before him and they bore witness to Jesus Christ. For this they were condemned to death and beheaded in A.D. 303. Their executioner also converted and told the account to Pope Damasus I. The Church secretly recovered their remains and buried them in what is known as the Catecomb of Peter and Marcellinus in Rome, pictured above.
Pope Damasus was also martyred in 305, being one of the first 30 popes, all of whom were martyred under the Roman persecution of the Church.

Erasmus was a bishop in Lebanon, also cruelty martyred in 303. Saint Benedict himself, one of my patrons, had a great devotion to this Saint.

Peter, Marcellinus and Erasmus, pray for us!