Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The Third Tuesday of Easter.
The Feast of Saint Athanasius.
The 20th Bishop of Alexandria.
His episcopate lasted from
June of A.D. 328 to the
2nd of May, A.D. 373
When he died.

Athanasius heralded the illustrious assembly of 318 bishops who Condemned the Arian Heresy at the Council of Nicea at which he also suggested the term "consubstantial" as a defense of the fact that Jesus and God the Father are one.
The term consubstantial remained a test term for Orthodox Catholicism and is contained in the Nicene Creed which is still recited in Catholic Masses every day throughout the world.

Athanasius' resistance to the prevalent Arian Anti-Trinitarian Heresy and multiple exiles and threats on his life earned him the moniker: Athanasius Contra Mundum. "Athanasius Against the World."